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Sexo3 is not a escort agency.
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On this site there is no we encourage or allow trafficking in persons or sexual exploitation, which is why we ONLY admit profiles of independent models that request their own publication. Thank you very much.

Advertise as a Shemale Escort in Sexo3 Advertise as a Shemale Escort in Sexo3 Advertise as a Shemale Escort in Sexo3

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We are dedicated PURE and EXCLUSIVELY to provide a space dedicated to the Third Sex. That is why all visits to our website are intended to be contacted directly, without intermediaries, with only transvestite models.
The models that publish their ads in Sexo3 are TOTALLY INDEPENDENT and have personal pages made from the data they upload to the website.
We have different positions to publish your profile within the site, prominent locations, banners, different sizes of featured images, plans with greater exposure, etc. We always have options available to offer you, just contact us and we will tell you in detail which plan best suits your needs.
Sexo3 "The site of the third sex" only publishes independent models.

All models advertised in Sexo3 are 100% independent, offer their contact information in their ads personally, voluntarily and for the purposes agreed upon by them, without being physically, morally or psychologically obliged to carry out activities that are illegal or contrary to their will or to advertise themselves in Sexo3, under a commitment, threat or inducement by us or by people alien to Us.

We have committed ourselves against trafficking in persons. Part of that commitment is NOT to announce people who are NOT independent, submitted or forced to carry out illicit activities or against their will.

All current advertisers in Sexo3 have agreed to sign an agreement in which they show the fact that they are free to make their decisions and offer the services that meet their interests without being obliged to do so or to publish their data with us. A synthesis of this agreement is the one that appears in each profile, in a visible and clear way.

If, like our advertisers, you offer Escort services in Argentina and someone forces you to carry out activities against your will and wish to file a complaint, Sexo3 has drawn up an action plan to give legal support to those Escorts who, like you, are victims of abuse and are subjected to some illegal activity against their will.

If you are a victim of trafficking, DENOUNCE! we advise you!

Sexo3 will not file a complaint for you. What we can do is give you the details you need to understand how you can use the law to your please, and, at the time of filing a complaint, signal adequately to those who abuse you.

Do not let more time pass. Contact us and we will give you the advice you need to take the reins of your life, you stay away from those who exploit you and make you feel the full weight of the law within a well-structured legal framework.
Advertise as a Shemale Escort in Sexo3

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WE ARE NOT AN ESCORTS AGENCY. We do not have participation, profit, royalties, prizes or any other form of economic compensation for the meetings that an independent companion or professional masseuse has or could have.
We have no economic, contractual or working relationship with the companions and / or massage therapists. Nor do we find out about the meetings that advertisers carry out or could carry out.
We do not know, we cannot know, nor are we interested to know if any companion or masseuse has an appointment or stops having it. It is not our intention to participate in any way in your affairs.
WE DO NOT ORGANIZE, WE DO NOT PROMOTE, nor do we do advertising campaigns for escorts or masseuses to travel to or from Argentina along commercial lines that may be more favorable or not.
WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE, OR ENTHUSIASM, anyone to become a companion or masseuse.
Each advertiser must be of legal age to receive their intention to publish on our site.
We do not organize trips, meetings or promotions of the companions. That would be a crime related to several articles of our Criminal Code and Complementary Laws. Our work is TOTALLY LEGAL, TRANSPARENT and is only intended to be a website of ADVERTISING NOTICES that voluntarily and independently add companions or masseuses of legal age.
Our activity is focused on keeping the hosting, design, accuracy of data, photos and videos provided by each advertiser online and keeping all your personal data protected so that when any of them wants to unsubscribe your advertising, you can Do it immediately.